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Berega Bridge Donation
Berega Bridge Donation
Donation: $10.00

On January 21, 2014 disaster struck the village of Berega, Tanzania. While only 0.5 mm of rain fell in Berega that day, upstream it rained a lot for over 7 hours. A flash flood roared down the river and took out the large and only bridge to Berega. Berega is now isolated from the rest of the country with no way to cross the river. The bridge was only 11 years old. Now it is gone. People have a hard time getting in and out of the hospital now. On the first day after the bridge destruction a man died because he could not be transported to a higher level of care. The first phase of bridge restoration is to commission an engineering study. Berega needs $25,000 to complete this work. Please donate whatever you can so the people of Berega can get in and out of their community.

See the before and after pictures shown