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Christine Mwagohe
Christine Mwagohe

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Donation: $230.00


Christine is a student who has been with us for 2 years. She lives with her mother and 6 siblings and with some of mom's grandchildren, all in a 2 room mud house with a thatched roof. By any standard Chris has been neglected. When she first came to our school she was incredibly shy, finding it hard to answer even the simplest of questions. This is often a sign of physical abuse at home and fear of making a mistake by even answering. When she first came to school she was very thin and she would eat each meal until there was no more food. Everyday she had 3 or 4 helpings for each of the two meals served at the school. This is often a sign that a child is not fed well at home, and eats for fear there will be no more in the future. Christine struggles at school, but she is making progress. She is learning to read and to write and to speak in English. She is less shy. She knows there will be another meal, so she doesn't eat as voraciously each time. Christine is particularly loved by the teachers. She has a hard journey ahead of her, but she is persistent. With your loving support Christine has a chance to learn above what other children learn in public school. She will pass her exams. She will speak English. She will learn that there is more to life than living in a mud hut, and that with work and perseverance she can become someone great. At school she is in a protected environment and she knows she is safe there. She is safer at home as well, because her family know that her welfare is watched over by the school. Christine needs a sponsor to help her rise to her potential. Please consider sponsoring this lovely, vulnerable child. $230 buys her one year of school and 2  meals a day. Thank you!

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