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Donation: $230.00


This is Edward or Edwardi as he calls himself. He is 5 years old. It's just him and his mother. He had a younger brother, but he died of an unknown disease when he was a baby. His mother tries to sell firewood and bread to make a living. On average she only makes $12 to $20 per month. The average Tanzanian makes $30 per month, so she is well below even that low average. The money she makes is just enough to feed herself and Edwardi. They live in a  mud hut. He goes to a local kindergarten, but he hasn't learned much there. As you can see he can't afford good clothing. His mother desperately hopes someone will sponsor Edwardi to attend St. Mary's school. St. Mary's kids learn and learn well. Most kids in Tanzanian public schools never pass an exam. They certainly don't learn English as they are supposed to do. St. Mary's kids pass their exams with flying colors, and they can truly speak English - by grade 2 better than most teachers at the public schools. If you can find a place for Edwardi in your heart, his life will be changed forever. $230 per year  will give him a first class education and give him two proper meals per day.

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